Elisa Johnson Escapes Home Invasion


The daughter of retired American basketball player, Magic Johnson, Elisa Johnson escaped a home invasion that took place over the weekend.

Early Sunday morning, 2 armed men staged a home invasion at a San Fernando Valley Airbnb that Elisa and her friends were occupying for the weekend. Elisa is said to have been in a bedroom at the time of the invasion and then she fled through a sliding glass door at the back of the home, subsequently making her way out of harm’s way.

According to popular online blog TMZ, Johnson and her friends were resting when the men entered the home and terrorized the 10 guests, shoving them around the home and holding the group at gunpoint. According to TMZ, law enforcement officers said that it is unclear whether the suspects broke in, or if the main door was unlocked. Ultimately, the invaders were able to leave the home before police arrived on the scene making off with jewellery, cash, a Rolex and electronics worth around 30-40 thousand dollars. Despite the unsettling incident, neither Elisa nor her friends were physically unharmed.