Rygin King Trolled for British Accent


People are trolling Dancehall artist Rygin King for his supposed accent during a recent interview.

A week ago, Rygin King did an interview with English radio presenter and DJ, Tim Westwood, where they spoke about Rygin’s hometown, Montego Bay and other topics. During the interview Rygin maintained his Jamaican creole for most parts but then persons on social media have commented on a small section of the interview where Rygin slipped into an alleged British accent.


Since then, the clip of the accent has been reposted on many social media pages and the comments were not so nice. there were comments like, “This is beyond embarassing kmt” and many other comments that I can’t read on air but Ziptocrats, you should definitely check them out.

Rygin King was in the UK for his Ice and Chaser tour.