Blind Man Sues Playboy Website For Not Being Accessible


A blind man has sued Playboy because he says he cannot access its website.

The man, Donald Dixon, claims that the website violates the Americans with disabilities act because it isn’t accessible to him as a visually impaired person.

Yes, this may sound strange and the lawsuit may sound impossible; the internet is pretty much the most visual medium and playboy is the most iconic example of a visual medium on or off the internet. The website is all about looking at photos, so what can Dixon possibly hope to get out of his lawsuit?

Plus, there are already multiple aids forĀ  visually impaired people who wish to browse the internet. There’s the voiceover function which reads out a webpage. There is also screen-reading software which goes into the html code of the website and determines what’s important, extracts it and reads it out to the user.

This is a tough one. Is playboy willing to hire someone to write out descriptions of their photos embedded in the code of the site? Or will they include audio recording of all articles?