Rep. for Spice says Artiste was ‘provoked’ into launching expletives on ‘Nightly Fix’ host


Dancehall Artiste Spice last Evening, blasted Nightly Fix host Naro for not highlighting the positive aspects of her career.

This following the launch of her Captured mixtape held at 100 hope road in Kingston.

During an interview, the Dancehall entertainer accused the him of “Black Hypocrisy”.

Spice revealed that over the years she has been treated unfairly by Naro and questioned if it was due to the complexion of her skin.

In an interview, Spice’s representative and Creative Director, Cara Vickers explains the issue between the artiste and the host.

She went on to explain what led to Spice unleashing expletives on the host.

She also believes that Spice’s reaction was warranted, adding that she’s been continuously attacked by him.