Snoop Dogg forgives Kanye West

Kanye West

Snoop Dogg is apparently quite forgiving of Kanye West for his pro-Trump attire and Saturday Night Live rant which initially prompted the rapper to label Kanye as “Uncle Tom”.

In a comment below an Instagram post of Kanye wearing his “Make America Great Again” cap, Snoop Dogg said,  “make your music great again, Uncle Tom A?$? N?$?$”.

Snoop’s comment was received with delight by many fans who have been questioning Kanye’s general behaviour and love for U.S president Donald Trump. However, by Tuesday, Snoop Dogg seemed to have a change of heart as Kanye was spotted in a video wearing a t-shirt with Snoop’s face, paired with his controversial cap.

The rapper reposted the video to his Instagram account with the caption “Forgiveness is Everything”. After which, many fans lashed out at Snoop Dogg for his quick change of heart, especially since Kanye was still wearing the controversial cap.

Many persons on social media have expressed concern for the rapper’s mental health, so perhaps Snoop Dogg knows something the rest of us do not.

The Chi-Town native has been the centre of controversy over the past few days, from sporting Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” cap to his pro Trump rant on late night television show, Saturday Night Live, topped off by his tweets calling for the abolishment of 13th Amendment which makes slavery illegal in the United States of America.

He later clarified his statement. ‘Ye said he meant “amend”, not “abolish the 13th Amendment”.

Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has since termed Kanye’s pro-Trump behavior as “a loss for the culture” she was supported by rapper T.I. Interestingly, however, T.I later stated that while he disagrees with most of the things Kanye says, he actually does agree with the rapper’s suggestion to address the 13th Amendment.

There may be some logic to Kanye’s statements, nevertheless, as his “Yhandi” album draws near with its new November 23 release date, we hope he puts the erratic behavior to rest or at least correctly expresses his ideas!