Accused Film Director Wayne South Arrested


His arrest was confirmed by the Constant Spring Police after Dancehall artiste, Mr. Vegas, posted on Instagram a video saying that he filed a police report against South. In the video, the Dancehall artiste also made an appeal to whoever purchased his drone from Wayne South to contact him.

On Sunday, Mr. Vegas posted on Instagram a video warning other artistes to refrain from working with Wayne South.

Vegas said he paid for the production of videos for four tracks on his “Ism” album, however, he is yet to receive the final cut of the videos. In an interview with the Zee on Monday, Wayne said he explained to Vegas that he was experiencing challenges with his motor vehicle, which delayed the release of the videos.

Further to that, Wayne said his ownership of the drone is part of an agreement the Dancehall artiste made with his company before the music videos were filmed.

In the meantime, another dancehall artiste, Danielle D.I. shared in a post on her Instagram page that the same film director has not delivered the final cut of a music video she paid his company to produce. D.I. said she made a payment of US$500 to Wayne’s company from March of this year and she’s still waiting.

Ziptocrats the police say they are conducting an investigation into the matter. We will update you as the story develops.