Film Director Explains Why Mr. Vegas Has Not Received his “Meh Meh” Music Video


Film Director, Wayne South has responded to accusations made against him by Mr. Vegas over their unfulfilled business arrangement.

On Sunday, Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas posted on Instagram a video warning other artistes to refrain from working with film producer, Wayne South saying he paid for the production of music videos for four tracks on his “ISM” album, however, he is yet to receive the final cut of the videos.

In an interview with the Zee on Monday, Wayne said he explained to Vegas that he was experiencing challenges which have delayed the release of the videos.

Despite Mr. Vegas’ strong warning that he will take legal actions, Wayne has not provided a timeline for submitting the videos to the Dancehall artiste.

In the meantime, Vegas is also accusing the film director of stealing his drone after the music videos were filmed.

In his response to Vegas’ accusation, Wayne said his ownership of the drone is part of an agreement the Dancehall artiste made with his company before the music videos were filmed.

Ziptocrats, we will give you updates as this story develops.