Cardi B Arrested & Charged Following Strip Club Brawl


Cardi B was arrested and charged on Monday in connection with a brawl at Angels Strip Club in Queens, New York after surrendering herself to the police.

The brawl in question took place on August 29 during rap group, Migos’ appearance at the club. According to popular online blog TMZ, Cardi B allegedly ordered an attack on two bartender sisters Jade and Baddie Gi. This, after a long-standing beef with Jade who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Cardi’s husband, Offset. The sisters claim that the attack was premeditated, however, sources close to Cardi say that the attack actually happened spontaneously after someone threw a drink.

Cardi B’s arrest and charges come after her first solo performance since giving birth, at the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday night. It also follows closely her recent altercation with Rapper Nicki Minaj at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party during New York Fashion Week. Stay close Zippies as the tea unfolds!

Cardi B is scheduled to appear in court on October 29.